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What is dos punts?

Dos punts is the name of a non-profit multimedia project, which seeks to recover the habit of exchanging correspondence. This type of exchange enables slow and reflexive dialogues, giving value to the messages and the waiting time between each response. In the midst of the current information saturation and the huge amount of instant messaging, we believe it is necessary to rescue this format in order to achieve more introspective, reasoned and meaningful dialogues.To do this, we are stimulating a renewed correspondence model that allows the use of plastic arts and audiovisual formats such as video, photography or sound to express, exchange ideas, thoughts and impressions of everyday life, as it was done before with the written letters.

The first projects to be published on this platform are compilations of correspondences between children and young people who are growing up and educating themselves in the middle of this information saturation and those people who, for one reason or another, have little or no representation in the cultural and communicative sphere. As the project grows, the objective will be to reach a point of user participation in which the person who looks at the projects published in Dos punts is also the one who is interested and can do them.

Dos punts is also the name of this web platform, where we will share the material in epistolary format created within the framework of the project.

info@dospunts.org | Instagram